/twɪst / (say twist)

verb (t)
1. to combine, as two or more strands or threads, by winding together; intertwine.
2. to combine or associate intimately.
3. to form by or as by winding strands together.
4. to entwine (one thing) with or in another; wind or twine (something) about a thing.
5. to encircle (a thing) with something wound about.
6. to alter in shape, as by turning the ends in opposite directions, so that parts previously in the same straight line and plane are situated in a spiral curve.
7. to wring out of shape or place; contort or distort.
8. to turn sharply and put out of place; sprain: when I fell I twisted my ankle.
9. to change the proper form or meaning; pervert.
10. to form into a coil, knot, or the like by winding, rolling. etc.: to twist the hair into a knot.
11. to bend tortuously.
12. to cause to move with a rotary motion, as a ball pitched in a curve.
13. to turn in another direction.
14. Obsolete Colloquial to cheat or con (someone).
verb (i)
15. to be or become intertwined.
16. to wind or twine about something.
17. to writhe or squirm.
18. to take a spiral form or course; wind, curve, or bend.
19. to turn or rotate, as on an axis; revolve, as about something.
a. to turn so as to face in another direction.
b. Colloquial to change one's course of conduct.
21. to change shape with a spiral or screwing movement of parts.
22. to move with a progressive rotary motion, as a ball pitched in a curve.
23. to dance the twist (def. 48).
24. a curve, bend, or turn.
25. a turning or rotating as on an axis; rotary motion; spin.
26. anything formed by or as by twisting or twining parts together.
27. the act or the manner of twisting strands together, as in thread, yarn, or rope.
28. a wrench.
29. a twisting awry.
30. a changing or perverting, of meaning.
31. spiral disposition, arrangement, or form.
32. spiral movement or course.
33. an irregular bend; a crook or kink.
34. a peculiar bent, bias, or the like, as in the mind or nature.
35. the altering of the shape of anything by or as by turning the ends in opposite directions.
36. the stress causing this alteration.
37. the resulting state.
38. a sudden, unexpected alteration to the course of events, as in a play.
39. Baseball, Cricket, etc.
a. a spin given to a ball in pitching, etc.
b. a ball having such a spin.
40. a twisting or torsional action, force, or stress.
41. a kind of strong twisted silk thread, heavier than ordinary sewing silk, used for working buttonholes and for other purposes.
42. a direction of twisting in weaving yarns, as S twist (left-hand twist), Z twist (right-hand twist).
43. a loaf or roll of dough twisted and baked.
44. a kind of tobacco manufactured in the form of a rope or thick cord.
45. the degree of spiral formed by the grooves in a rifled firearm or cannon.
46. Prison Colloquial a life sentence.
47. round the twist, Colloquial insane.
48. the twist, a vigorous dance performed by couples and characterised by strongly rhythmic gyrations of the body and movements of the arms and legs in time to heavily accented music.
49. twist someone's arm, Colloquial to persuade or coerce someone: you've twisted my arm, I'll do it.
{Middle English twiste divide, twist divided object, rope, Old English -twist, related to Dutch twisten quarrel. See twi-}
twistability, noun
twistable, adjective
twisting, adjective
twisting, noun
twistingly, adverb

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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